Oct. 7, 2021


If you forgot your badge this morning please let your 1st period teacher know so they can notify the main office if a student needs a pink slip. Students, you must wear your lanyard while on campus. 

Maintaining a safe and orderly environment takes teamwork and our best efforts.  Today we are reminding ourselves to be Better Every Day by owning our R and making the right choices.  

Today we specifically want to focus our attention on coming to class prepared with your IPAD’s fully charged.   Your IPAD is a critical school supply that is used each day in many of your classes.  Own Your R, by charging your IPAD each night.


We also want to remind ourselves to treat people  and school property with respect and kindness. 


Students you are not allowed to carry your cell phones around school.  All cell phones must be placed in your locker.  You are only allowed to have your cell phones during lunch.

 Remember Eagles - Rise Up & Own It, Stand Stronger Together,and Be Better Every Day!