Advisor:  Ms. Langenderfer


- Mission -

Fostering positive relationships with passion and gratitude.

- Vision -

In alignment with New Albany Plain Local School district/building goals and CORE values, it is SOAR Leadership’s mission to recognize, reinforce, respect and reward the amazing people who make up our New Albany Family to help show gratitude and kindness to others and to elicit the results that would contribute to helping our school and district to continue to be the best that it can be.

- Membership & Organization -

Students in grades 9-11 of the current school year can apply to be a member of SOAR each Spring. Membership is limited to around 40 students across grade levels. Items considered by the Advisors for membership include (but are not limited to): club involvement, arts involvement, athletic involvement, leadership in and out of the school, attendance, strong character qualities, no behavioral or office referrals, positive teacher recommendations, student responses to questions on the application.

There are three committees in SOAR: Kindness, Spirit and Outreach. Each SOAR member is affiliated with one committee for planning and execution of events/activities/initiatives. Every student in SOAR assists in major SOAR school events (for example, Pep Rallies, student recognition, school recognition and staff recognition).