Student Council

Advisor:  Mr. Paletta


NAHS Student Council is a member of the National Association of Student Councils. It is a student- driven leadership organization where the purpose is to serve the student body, the school, and the community.

As an organization, Student Council is responsible for the planning and implementation of the Homecoming Dance (and related activities), Winter Formal (and related activities), school- wide service projects, initiatives related to improving student relations, school spirit, and safety, and developing student leadership.

NAHS Student Council is made up of a Leadership Team including Class Officers and general members. All leadership positions and class officers are determined by school- wide formal election.

Responsibilities of members:

  • All members of the Student Council must be well-organized and responsible leaders. They must be students willing to take initiative and see a task through to completion. This may include creating a plan for implementing events or activities and follow up with an evaluation after the event or activity.

  • All members must be able to communicate effectively and willing to speak on behalf of their peers and be determined to represent the student body and act in its best interests at all times. Be inclusive!

Meeting times are 7:15 am, 2 times per month and as needed.