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State Testing Reminders

State testing for our students begins on Tuesday, April 11th and runs through Tuesday, May 2nd for the Intermediate School. Here is a calendar overview of testing dates by content area and grade level for your reference.

All students in grades four, five and six will take state examinations in English/Language Arts and Math. In addition, fifth graders will take a Science test. Students in accelerated math classes will take their tests on the days of the grade level they are in (for example, a fourth grader taking a fifth grade math test will test on the same days as all fourth graders take their math tests).

Students can also use headphones for read aloud features on certain tests. If your child would like to bring in their own pair of wired headphones (wireless headphones, such as Bluetooth, will not work for state testing) for use on testing they may do so, otherwise we will have a limited quantity available for sign out at school.

Please ensure your child is bringing their iPad fully charged to school each day in preparation for their testing date. Chromebooks will not be available for students to sign out during this time period if they come to school without their iPad or if it is not fully charged so please plan accordingly.

Finally ,here is a reminder of routine iPad maintenance that should happen at home. It's important that all iPads are updated to software version 16.1 before April 11th, so please review these steps at home as soon as possible.