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Intermediate Students advance to State Science Day!

Congratulations to our State Science Fair State Qualifiers, these students advanced from the Virtual District Science Fair. The following students will be competing at the State Level, virtually:
  • Joey Badaglia (Soil erosion) 5th grade
  • Paisley Kehres and Samantha Pietro (Solar Ovens and types of Time) 5th grade
  • Neil Albert and Thejas Nair (Chemicals on teeth using egg shells) 5th grade
  • Madeline Bowser (Removing ingredients from Brownies) 5th grade
  • Aditya Pendse (How changing the temperature of a tennis ball affects the bounce) 5th grade
  • Will Pryzbylek (How do you make the juiciest burger) 5th grade
  • Neha Hariharan (Probability) 6th grade
  • Svara Vaidya (SoundProofing Material) 6th grade
  • Ryan Zand 6th grade
  • Hong Xin Zhu (Testimony of coke and pennies) 6th grade 
  • Amelie Taylor 6th grade
  • Dana Stan High School

Fifth Grade Qualifiers

Grade five science qualifiers


(L-R) Joey Badaglia, Aditya Pendse, Madeline Bowser, Samantha Pietro, Paisley Kehres, Neil Albert, Thejas Nair, Will Pryzbylek

Sixth Grade Qualifiers

Grade 6 qualifiers

(L-R) Amelie Taylor, Svara Vaidya, Hong Xin Zhu, Ryan Zand and Neha Hariharan
The district also had several students win Sponsored Awards at the District Level:
  • Languis Learner Award- $50.00 and certificate (High Achievement): Niya Chebli and Neha Hariharan
  • Columbus State Community College Award: William Pryzbylek
  • Ohio Society of Professional Engineers Award - Franklin Co. Chapter: 2nd Place-Dana Stan