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Congratulations to our State Science Fair Winners!

State Science Day winners 2019 State Science Fair (State Science Day) was held on May 11 at The Ohio State University. We congratulate these New Albany Intermeidate Students on their achievement. 

Photo L-R: Lucy Naumoff, Jackson Goodman, Rachel Maletz, Dana Stan, Sreshta Erravelli, Nala Chebli and Yashas Devulapally.   

Lucy Naumoff Superior
Project Title: Bacteria on Everyday Surfaces Grade: 5

Nala Chebli and Sreshta Erravelli Superior
Project Title: Does your age or gender affect your memory? Grade: 5

Yashas Devulapally Superior and Young Scientist Award
Project Title: What's the best antibacterial agent? Grade 5

Dana Stan, Superior and Ohio Tuition Trust Authority $1,000 scholarship
Project Title: Projectile Motion Grade: 6

Rachel Maletz, Superior
Project Title: Can You Generate Power By Taking A Shower? Grade: 6

Nithya Guduri, Superior
Project Title: Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Grade 7

Jackson Goodman (5th) Behavioral Science Award
Project Title: Problem Solving Abilities

(not pictured) Wolfie Howe, Superior 
Project: Which baseball has the highest exit velocity? Grade 5