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Congratulations to Our Science Fair Superior Projects

Superior Science Fair winners Fifth Grade

  • Nala Chebli and Sreshta Erravelli - Does your age and gender matter for memory?
  • Yashas Devulapally - Which disinfectant works the best: local or national brands?
  • Sarah Krzeminski - Can horse manure be an energy source?
  • William McCloud and Leo Yoder - Does a homopolar motor spin faster with different thicknesses of wire?
  • Natalie Harvey, Sydney Mehling, and Charlotte Noonan - What liquid causes dry ice to sublimate the fastest?
  • London Ackermann and Ava Busch - What type of pineapple solidies in gelatin?
  • Tara Twomey - Is there a material that can muffle the sound of rain on windows?
  • Lucy Naumoff - What surface in your house has the most bacteria?
  • Jackson Goodman - How does your education, hobbies, and personality affect problem solving?
  • Wolfie Howe - Which type of baseball has the highest exit velocity?
  • Nick Palmer, Adam Kocian, and Samuel Melick - Which fruit battery creates the brightest light?
  • Sekela Kibonde, Ella Martin, and Emma Klingele - Does spotting affect dizziness in dance?

Sixth Grade

  • Dana Stan - Does the mass of a package affect the distance?
  • Nithiya Guduri - Does cone cell stimulation time affect after image persistence time?
  • Rachel Maletz - How can you create hydropower with mini-turbines?