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NAIS Science Students Advance to Central Ohio District Science Fair!

Since December, New Albany students have been working on hard on creating a testable question and gathering data. On February 6th and 7th, students had an opportunity to present their findings through the New Albany Science Fair.

The following students received a Superior rating, and have advanced to the Central Ohio District Science Fair, at Columbus State on March 16th. Congratulations to:
Nicholas F, Luke F, Yasmine F, Arya S, Olivia C, Mae R, Gray H, Camille C, Nala C, Sreshta E, Yashas D, Dana S, Reava D, Sarah K, William M, Leo Y, Henry L, Erik J, Alexa B, Nithya G, Sreeja A, Matthew K, Riona R, Natalie H, Sydney M, Charlotte N, Morgan D, London A, Ava B, Tara T, Lucy N, Miles W, Jackson G, Wolfie H, Sahil S, Ella S, Maria T, Tyler T, Oliver T, Brannan W, Griffin H, Nick P, Adam K, Samuel M, Olivia S, Eileen H, Lena P, Zoe O, Sekela K, Ella M, Emma K, Rachel M, Mitra R, Ololade F.

Thank you to all of our judges, staff and parents for their support of our young scientists. 

Science Fair Students Floor 1

Science Fair students I wing

Science fair wing R