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NAIS Elementary Science Olympiad Competition!

Science Olympiad Congratulations to our winning Elementary Science Olympiad team! New Albany Intermediate School held a competition Saturday (our school only) with 4th and 5th grade students competing in build events including the Egg Drop, Straw Tower Challenge, and Popsicle Bridges. The event also featured study events including: Anatomy, Astronomy, and Animal Tracks. The winning students front row R-L: Josh Byrge, Ryan Wildenhaus, Rohan Thung, Cassidy Green, Reese Holman, and Yashas Devulapally (not pictured). Back row R-L: Mr. Pete Barnes and high school coaches: Harshi Kosaraju, Catherine Tran, Pranali Mistry, and Elizabeth Svinkin, and Zayna Hasan (last two not pictured).