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Elementary Safety Protocols at NAPLS

One Family TileSafety Mitigations
New Albany-Plain Local Schools continues to support a layered approach to safety protocol mitigations including vaccination, masking, hand washing, distancing, ventilation, and cleaning.

Hand Washing
As with the 2020-2021 school year, elementary students will be encouraged to hand wash frequently throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be provided in classrooms as well as sanitizing stations in high traffic common areas. Early Learning Center and Primary School classrooms have sinks, and the additional Intermediate School handwashing stations that were placed throughout the school last school year will remain this school year.

Social Distancing
Social distancing for elementary students will be provided to the greatest extent possible. A minimum of 3 ft distance between students is desirable for the classroom and will occur as much as possible.  As with the 2020-2021 school year, stairwells will be one-way.   We will also continue to cohort to the greatest degree possible by minimizing interactions with students not part of the homeroom. Lunch and recess will occur in assigned zones to minimize the number of close contact situations.  

School building ventilation systems have been upgraded with MERV-13 rated filters (highest rating) and are regularly monitored by our onsite certified service technician for optimal air exchange, makeup, and filtration in accordance with health recommendations.

Regular cleaning of high touch areas will continue following health department guidelines including disinfecting buses.  Classrooms will be provided with additional cleaning supplies for use during student transitions.  We will continue to minimize the amount of shared school materials and supplies between students in both homerooms and specials.

Visitors and Volunteers 
As with the 2020-2021 school year, we will continue limiting the number of people in school during the academic day, including adults who are not members of the staff.  At this point, volunteers will not be used in the school and our lunch periods will be only for students.  For dropping off of materials, such as lunches or school work accidentally left at home, parents will use the vestibules outside the school’s main office.  For student drop-off or pick-up during the academic day, the Primary School will have a sign-in and sign-out station in the vestibule, while the ELC and Intermediate Schools will have a station in the main office.  

To ensure we are honoring your decision as a parent regarding mask wearing at school during the school day, please complete the “Mask Preference” form in PowerSchool along with all your other back-to-school forms by NOON on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.  We respectfully request that parents with equal shared parenting rights for school decisions collaborate to submit their joint request one time. Should you not submit the “Mask Preference” form as requested, we will assume that your child will not wear a mask at school.  A parent/guardian may update their mask preference after August 17 by logging into PowerSchool and clicking on “Forms.”