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NAPLS Partners With Gaggle to Implement Safety Management for G Suite

Gaggle Graphic In an effort to continue to identify ways to protect the safety and welfare of our students, our school district is partnering with Gaggle; the leader in helping K-12 districts manage student safety on school-provided technology to implement digital learning environment safety management for the Google Suite.  As a school district, we remain committed to identifying ways to further promote student and educator productivity in a safe and controlled environment.

Given the rise of instances of child mental health diagnoses, self-harm, and child suicide across our nation, we recognized the responsibility to implement programs and tools to protect the well-being and improve the safety of our students.  For the past twenty years, Gaggle has helped districts across the country protect students, avoid tragedies, and save lives by monitoring and responding to safety issues and threats. 

Gaggle identifies inappropriate words and images in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and more on technology used by students. Trained Gaggle professionals then apply consistent school- or district-approved policies for positive intervention, such as replying to a student that an email or image is inappropriate; and when necessary, alerting school officials and law enforcement officials immediately if there is an imminent threat to a student.  To learn more about Gaggle, please visit

Gaggle will be implemented later this month in our school district for all student school issued Google accounts.  If you have any questions regarding the implementation of Gaggle in our school district, please contact Jon Hood, Director of Student Services, Safety, and Security ( and Michael Voss, Director of Technology (


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