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Congratulations to NAHS Homecoming Queen, King & the entire court

Gwynnie Lee and Spencer Tammaro Homecoming Queen and King Homecoming Queen - Gwynnie Lee

Grade: Senior (12th)
Parents: Jason and Amanda Lee

School and community involvement: Varsity Girls Golf team, National Honors Society, Student Council, and Key Club

Future plans: Study abroad and continue to golf in college.

Best advice to the students of NAHS: High School goes by in a blink of an eye so enjoy it while it lasts!

Homecoming King - Spencer Tammaro
Grade: Senior (12th)
Parents: Brad and Cara Tammaro

School and community involvement: New Albany Boys Varsity Baseball Team, Key Club, Sources of Strength

Future plans: Looking to continue playing baseball at the collegiate level and go into sports medicine. 

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Study hard but have fun!

Homecoming court photo 2019 2019 Homecoming Court 
(L-R Front row: Olivia Kelly, Jesse Gordon, Kristin Dressel, Brody Kidwell, Ava Fisher & Ben Stall L-R Back row: Natalie Weaver, Matthew Reader, Gwynnie Lee, Spencer Tammaro, Molly Hagan & Brian O'Rourke 

Senior - Molly Hagan

Parents: Connie and Mark Hagan

School and community involvement: Molly has been involved with theatre since 6th grade, has performed internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe, and was inducted into the National Honor Society last year.

Future plans: Plans to attend college and study marketing and emerging media.

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Live, learn, and laugh as much as you can! Surround yourself with positivity.

Senior - Brian O'Rourke
Parents: Susan O'Rourke and Patrick O'Rourke

School and community involvement: NAHS Drama Department

Future plans: Go to OSU and study in International Business

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Don't procrastinate if you want to be less stressed. When you have a night with less homework, get ahead in some of your classes.

Senior - Kristin Dressel
Parents: Kim and Dan Dressel

School and community involvement: Varsity cheer captain, special olympics cheer coach and member of the track team. 

Future plans: Attened the University of Dayton and major in Business and minor in exercise science. 

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Be grateful for every opportunity and always push yourself to your greatest potential. 

Senior - Brody Kidwell 

Parents: Bubba Kidwell & Carey Kidwell

School and community involvement: Special Olympics, Relay for Life, and SOAR Leadership.

Future plans: Continue my education and play football as well.

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Make the most of your time, it goes by fast.


Junior - Ava Fisher
Parents: Tonya and Nathan Fisher

School and community involvement: Served as a student ambassador for the People to People organization representing New Albany, OH

Future plans: Pursue higher education in the South, and may follow brother to the University of Tennessee

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Be kind to others and have a positive attitude.

Junior - Ben Stall
Parents: Brian and Melissa Stall

School and community involvement: I play football for New Albany High School

Future plans: I plan on attending college after graduating high school and going into a field of architecture or engineering.

Best advice to the students of NAHS: My advice would be to study hard and ask questions.

Sophomore - Olivia Kelly
Parents: Kimberly and Scott Kelly

School and community involvement: I am a varsity cheerleader as well a varsity track runner. I am in two clubs at school, youth and gov as well as Global Scholars. I enjoy doing service trips with the school and currently I have been on three but I am hoping to go on another before I graduate. Lastly, I am a dancer for Broadway Bound Dance Company and have been dancing for eight years. 

Future plans: After graduating High School I want to attend college and spend time traveling abroad.

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Get involved with the community and step outside of your comfort zone because it's the best way to grow.


Sophomore - Jesse Gordon
Parents: Shannon Gordon and James Gordon

School and community involvement: I play football and I am a varsity track runner. I volunteer my time to the community with the football team during events such as the walking classic, pizza and puppies, and the mulch sale.

Future plans:My only future plans at the moment are playing football at the college level.

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Always be yourself. Don't let what other people think about you affect who you are. In the world we live in today you will be criticized just for breathing so ignore those people and do the things you want to do and be the person you want to be.


Freshman - Natalie Weaver 
Parents: Frank and Keely Weaver

School and community involvement:Member of Key Club and Younglife. She plays for the High School Soccer and Lacrosse teams. She also plays travel lacrosse for Resolute.

Future plans:She would like to play Lacrosse in college and eventually go to Law school.

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Get involved in school activities and sports.

Freshman - Matthew Reader 
Parents: Doug and Christine Reader

School and community involvement: Lacrosse and basketball

Future plans: Play lacrosse at Notre Dame and be a teacher. 

Best advice to the students of NAHS: Have fun