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NAPLS presents Dr. Kristen Lee: Helping students manage stress

Dr. Lee Graphic & photo New Albany-Plain Local Schools will be presenting a series of sessions for the 2019-2020 school year for parents related to The R Factor and its practical application in our schools for students and staff. The first topic is managing student stress and the district is bringing the Lead Faculty for Behavioral Science at Northeastern University in Boston - Dr. Kristen Lee.   

Our district survey data is compelling us to support students in coping with anxiety and stress. We are a high performing district academically with almost all students going on to college following high school. Students come from families that are well established and stable - and a community that is remarkable and well supported with resources for students and families. Students indicate that they feel that they have caring adults in their lives and teachers that are invested in them. However, the research clearly indicates that when it comes to academic pressure - our students are struggling with anxiety and stress.  

Things like feeling the need to score high on an ACT, get into a prestigious university, having the right GPA, getting an A on the next AP Calculus exam... etc.  We recognize that the link between all that stress and depression is a real concern and want to do what we can to support those student needs.

Join us September 17
New Albany Intermediate School 

177 N. High St. 
7 p.m.

Dr. Kristen Lee 
Associate Teaching Professor
Northeastern University 

About the presenter 

Dr. Kristen Lee is an associate teaching professor who joined Northeastern as a part-time lecturer in 2009 and has served as full-time faculty since 2013. She is the lead faculty member in Behavioral Sciences having taught 15 courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels and designed or redesigned 20 courses. She was recognized with the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2012.

Active on campus and in the media as an advocate for student mental health, Dr. Lee is a frequent conference presenter and author. Her 2014 book, Reset: Make the Most of Your Stress: Your 24-7 Guide for Well-Being, won Motivational Book of the Year in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. She is author of the upcoming Mentalligence: A New Psychology of Thinking:
Learn What it Takes to Be More Agile, Mindful and Connected in Today's World.

Dr. Lee is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker known for her advocacy in promoting increased mental health integration in social policies and institutions to facilitate access and improved health outcomes in the U.S. and across the globe. Dr. Lee, who earned her EdD from Northeastern and Master of Social Work degree from Boston University, maintains a private behavioral health practice. She has shared her expertise as a grant reviewer for U.S. federal agencies.