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The Board of Education unanimously approved the recommendation of the superintendent to modify school day start and end times beginning August 17, 2015. Reductions in the school district make the changes necessary for the upcoming school year.

Dr. Domine’s recommendation was developed with the School Day Advisory Committee and input and commentary received from parents, students, teachers, staff, and the community alike. For nearly two months, committee members have researched, created, refined, and discussed constraints and considerations to reach consensus on school day start and end time requirements. The administration is grateful for the efforts of the committee and for the weekly online input or survey feedback received.
School day start and end times beginning August 17, 2015 include: 

Grade Levels

Start Time

End Time

Middle and High Schools

8:00 AM

2:40 PM


9:05 AM

3:25 PM


9:20 AM

3:40 PM

Although there is no perfect solution and any schedule has strengths and weaknesses, the final recommendation addresses many of the suggestions received. The revised start and end times include the overwhelming input received to maintain two start and end times for middle and high school students and K-5 students. The two-tier schedule maintains the 2 mile eligibility rule to qualify for school bus transportation services. Juniors and seniors issued a valid parking permit for campus will also have to forego school bus transportation services as long as a valid parking permit is issued.
The revised school day start and end times will not restore any transportation eligibility beginning in August, 2015. The Board of Education is actively discussing the five-year forecast and restoration prioritization for the school district. Any restoration of transportation services in the future will be dependent upon new financial resources to the school district and a change in eligibility requirements via Board Policy. The Board and Superintendent are seeking input from the community regarding the budget and future funding requests as they finalize this budget in May. Board members and Dr. Domine may be reached via email or phone numbers available on the website.
Additional information regarding school day schedules based upon the Board approved school day start and end times will be forthcoming for parents and students from building principals in early May.