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Pay to Participate Determinations - Extra-Curricular

October 9, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The Board of Education has directed the administration to provide a detailed and transparent reduction plan that may be necessary to implement if the November 4, 2014 operating levy request is unsuccessful.  In an effort to continue to provide you with information related to the potential reductions in the school district, we have created the following frequently asked questions specifically focused on pay-to-participate for non-athletic student activities.  This information includes a link to a spreadsheet that illustrates pay-to-participate information and calculations to illustrate the recommendation that will be presented to the Board of Education on Monday, October 13th for action.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to review this information thoroughly and continue to offer feedback on the pay-to-participate fess that will be implemented should the November 4, 2014 levy be unsuccessful. 

Why are reductions being proposed for the school district?

The school district has an operating levy on the ballot on November 4, 2014.  If the levy request is unsuccessful, the district must make $7.5 million in reductions in order to operate the school district and eliminate the negative ending cash balance.  Increased pay-to-participate fees will be required for non-athletic extra-curricular activities. 

Which students will be required to pay increased pay-to-participate fees this school year if the November 4, 2014 levy is unsuccessful?

Non-athletic extra-curricular activities that have already started for the current school year will continue under the current framework and no additional fees will be charged.  All non-athletic extra-curricular activities that have not started as of November 4, 2014 will be charging a pay-to-participate fee for the current school year. 

Where can I view the pay-to-participate calculations by activity?

Pay-to-participate calculations for non-athletic extra-curricular activities may be found here.  The calculations illustrate costs per activity and the current recommendation to pay a flat fee for each non-athletic extra-curricular activity.

How much will pay-to-participate fees cost for non-athletic extra-curricular activities if the levy does not pass on November 4, 2014?

At the October 13, 2014 Board of Education meeting, the administration intends to recommend that students will pay $125.00 for each non-athletic extra-curricular activity should the November 4, 2014, levy be unsuccessful. 

Will all activities pay the same pay-to-participate fees?  Why?

Yes, based upon the calculated costs for each activity, the administration recommends that a flat pay-to-participate fee be charged for non-athletic extra-curricular activities.  A $125.00 flat fee per activity is recommended to balance the varying costs of all activities in hopes of maintaining student participation levels.  The administration welcomes any further input or feedback regarding a flat fee for participation in a non-athletic extra-curricular activity versus a per activity fee.

Why are some activities such as marching band and yearbook not included in the list?

Activities that also yield high school credit are not included in the list of activities requiring a $125 pay-to-participate fee.  Activities with high school credit are considered co-curricular activities, not extra-curricular.

What will the $125.00 pay-to-participate fees pay for?

The $125.00 pay-to-participate fees for non-athletic extra-curricular activities will pay for staff salaries and benefits (Medical, retirement, etc.) for each activity. Please note that these are supplemental contracts, not the full salary a staff member receives. Registration fees and materials expenses will continue to be purchased by each family.

What is NOT included in the pay-to-participate fees?

The $125.00 pay-to-participate fees do not include costs for facility related expenses, tournaments or competitions, entrance fees, or registration. 

When will the pay-to-participate fees be collected?

The pay-to-participate fees must be paid in full at the start of each activity prior to any participation in the activity.

Can the pay-to-participate fees be paid via credit card?

Yes, parents/guardians will have the ability to pay the required pay-to-participate fee via credit card using  Cash or check payments will also be accepted.

Will non-athletic extra-curricular activities next August be required to pay increased pay-to-participate fees too?

Yes, should the November 4, 2014 levy be unsuccessful, non-athletic extra-curricular activities beginning in August/September 2015 will also be required to pay the same pay-to-participate fees of $125 as revenue for any future levy request will not be collected prior to January 1, 2016.  The pay-to-participate fees will be required to be collected to off-set required budget reductions. 

Will pay-to-participate fees be required if the levy passes on November 4, 2014?

Upon levy passage, the district will not increase the current activity fees. 

Please know that we thank you for your continued partnership in the school district.  We understand that increased pay-to-participate fees for non-athletic extra-curricular activities will create hardships for some of our families.  The recommendation to increase pay-to-participate fees was not made easily but is necessary in order to balance the impact that $7.5 million dollars in reductions has for the entire school district.  We prioritized reductions to protect classroom instruction as much as possible.  This information is provided to be responsive to helping our families know and understand what changes will occur for non-athletic extra-curricular activities f the November 4, 2014, levy is unsuccessful.




April Domine                                      Rebecca Jenkins                     

Superintendent                                    Chief Financial Officer 


Marilyn Troyer                                   

Chief of Innovation, Improvement and Human Capital