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Students plant American Chestnut trees

Fifty students from Mrs. Rick’s fifth grade class planted American Chestnut trees on the east side of Swickard Woods this week.
American Chestnut trees were once a common and important hardwood timber tree in North America. There used to be over 300 million trees in the United States and made up to 30% of our hardwood forests . It was a fast growing tree and would get up to 100 ft high and 9 feet wide. Then, in the early 1900′s, an Asian bark fungus was somehow transferred from China to the U.S. This fungus killed the entire country’s population of American Chestnut trees.

Students planting the trees in New Albany this week are making an effort to bring back this tree species to New Albany. The fifth graders dug planted the trees themselves and then marked each tree with a red flag. The flag identifies the tree number and the first names of the group of students who adopted and planted the trees.

The trees were donated by the city of New Albany.

The photo gallery below shows the students planting the trees on the east side of Swickard Woods.
Posted by: Sandy Willmore