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New Albany Students and City celebrate the Rose Run Stream

New Albany City Engineering Manager Bill Dorman explains the Rose Run project and grant.
New Albany elementary and high school students visited the Rose Run stream this week to learn about the importance of soil, native species and to help clean up the stream.  This event was sponsored by the City of New Albany with assistance from Franklin County Soil and Water. The Rose Run is currently the focus of a grant to help enhance the area for our community.
Student classes in grades 4 and 5 ( Teachers: Cofer, Barnes, Ellis, Gundlach, Hughes, Hast, Kowis,  Labuhn, Derrow, Heiing) and Chad Schwinnen's HS Environmental Class volunteered to come out and support the project. They enjoyed learning in Franklin County Soil and Water's new Soil Tunnel and the put on gloves to help clean up the area and explore the beautiful stream.
  • The City of New Albany applied for a Section 319 Nonpoint Source Project Grant in 2011.
  • The grant purpose is to fund innovative storm water measures to improve water quality.
  • The Plain Local School District was a participant in the grant application as certain grant improvements were proposed within the school campus.
  • The grant application was sent to Ohio EPA, who awarded the grant to the City in 2012 and it funded two projects.

Project #1  - New Albany High School Storm Water Improvements

  • Improve the quality of storm water leaving the campus before entering Rose Run
  • Existing ditch and pond at southwest corner of campus will be re-engineered
  • Improvements will include a multistage storm water treatment wetland complex fed by a linear wetland bio swale
  • Results should be various stages of pretreatment of storm water before discharge: removal of sediment, sequester pollutants, etc.
  • Storm water residency time greatly extended.  Vegetation, invertebrate, and amphibian habitat within basin system greatly improved
  • Educational signage will be installed
  • Timing of project is summer 2014.

Project #2 – Riparian Enhancements along Rose Run

  • Remove invasive species along the 4+ acre corridor – honeysuckle, grape vine, privet hedge, and autumn olive
  • Replant area with diverse native trees and shrubs
  • Reseed forest floor with native grasses to compete with remnant invasive seed source
  • Extend riparian corridor to the north and eliminate or reduce grass yard habitat and mowing along leisure trail
  • Enhance small streamside emergent wetland with diverse native plantings
  • Relocate two unstable meanders of Rose Run away from Dublin-Granville Road
  • Relocated channels to be stabilized using Natural Channel Design instead of heavy rock armoring (existing condition)
  • Timing of project is fall 2013 and spring/early summer 2014.
Posted by: Sandy Willmore