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Student Success - Congratulations to NAHS Senior Madeline Page

Madeline PageWhen NAHS Senior Madeline Page sat down to take the AP ENG 11 - Language and Composition exam last year as a junior, she had no idea what the outcome would be. Madeline achieved a perfect score on the AP English Language and Composition exam administered last May. She is one of only 22 students WORLD-WIDE to earn this achievement! We congratulated Madeline and wanted to know more about her success! Madeline even received a congratulatory note from Trevor Packer, Head of the Advanced Placement Program. 
Q: What does it feel like to receive this honor? Were you surprised and can you believe that you are among 22 students world-wide to receive this?
It was definitely a surprise - even as I was opening the email from College Board, I was thinking, "I wonder what they mean by 'perfect score'". I was hoping for a score that would earn me college credit, but I never imagined that I could earn this! 

Q: How did you prepare for the AP exam? Did you simply pull from what you learned in the class? 

My method of preparation was going over AP Classroom questions that I had missed during the year, as well as studying the essay rubrics so I knew exactly what the graders would be looking for. I definitely think that all the activities that my teacher, Mrs. Trotter, had us complete helped me gradually improve my skills over the course of the year. 

Q: What activities are you involved in here at NAHS and in the community? 

I have been involved with the NAHS Theatre Department and the A Cappella Choir all 4 years of high school, and I have been a member of NHS since last year. Outside of school activities, I am active with multiple ministries within my church (Church of the Resurrection); the church choir, a peer mentor team, the Parish Pastoral Council, and various volunteer opportunities. Additionally, I love to read and write, and I have been writing for a local magazine for the past seven years. 
Q: What are your plans for the future, colleges you may be interested in, major and potential careers? 

My plan is to major in Biology and minor in Journalism. I would like to either pursue a career in the medical field, potentially as a physical therapist or pediatrician, or work with animals, either in wildlife rehabilitation/veterinary medicine or a more research-oriented field. I would also love to incorporate writing into my career, either through fictional writing on the side or as a medical or scientific communicator, or both! Right now, my top colleges are Notre Dame and Dayton University. 

From Trevor Packer 

AP note to madeline