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Congrats to our students receiving Superior Scores at State Science Day!

Superior Scores at the State Science Day. This is the highest level of science fair achievement in the state. State Science Day was held at Columus State Community College on March 18, 2023. 

State Science Day is a program of The Ohio Academy of Science. For over 90 years, it has provided students and teachers an opportunity to highlight students who go above and beyond through scientific, project-based learning.

Through participation in local and district science days, students can qualify for State Science Day and an opportunity to compete for nearly $400,000 in scholarships and awards. Full details from 2022 State Science Day (awards, sponsors, etc.), can be found in the State Science Day Program

Congratulations to NAHS students Diya Naik and Dana Stan for receiving Superior Scores. 

Dana Stan and Diya Naik 

(left) Diya Naik, Grade 12 and (right) Dana Stan, Grade 10

Congratulations to our seven fifth grade students on their Superior Scores. 
  • Brooke Dennis Grade 5
  • Ella Dennis Grade 5
  • Evan Mullendore Grade 5
  • Owen Goettel  Grade 5
  • Carter Thomes Grade 5
  • Jackson Blanda Grade 5
  • Owen Nardell Grade 5
State Science fair winners

L-R: Owen Goettel, Carter Thomes, Owen Nardell, Jackson Blanda, Evan Mullendore, Ella Dennis add Brooke Dennis 

Ryan Zand

and Ryan Zand, Grade 7