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NAHS receives AI Toolkits from OhioX partnership

Meta Visit to NAHSNew Albany High School robotics students had the opportunity to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and demonstrate some of what they have been working on Wednesday, December 8 for visitors from OhioX and the Meta Data Center. OhioX also provided AI Toolkits for use by the district.

OhioX is a nonprofit membership organization that represents and connects those committed to growing Ohio’s economy through technology and innovation.

Membership is open to all - including Ohio's BigCos, small businesses, startups, health care systems, universities and research institutions, venture funds, investors, services providers and nonprofits.

Chris Berry, President of OhioX, presented the AI Toolkits to NAHS robotics teacher Dave Effron, he shared that New Albany Schools is one of five school districts across Ohio that they have approached for this opportunity. 

Amber Tillman, community and economic development director for Meta Data Centers, shared with students how Meta uses robotics at the data center in New Albany while reinforcing the fact that people are also required to make this technology work and be successful. 

New Albany - Plain Local Schools is grateful for the donation of these resources to benefit student learning and are also grateful for these partnerships both with Meta and OhioX.


The AI Education Project (AIEDU) is a nonprofit scaling access to foundational and introductory K-12 and college-level curriculum about AI and the future of work. They focus on making engaging, inclusive curriculum content that guides students toward meaningful work and economic empowerment – especially those in communities disproportionately impacted by AI and automation.

About The Box

Artificial intelligence is transforming the fields of robotics and machinery. From automated factory robots to self-driving cars, AI is powering machines to accomplish tasks traditionally only done by humans, while resulting in a variety of societal benefits and challenges. The AI & Robotics kit is aimed at helping students better understand these dynamics and the impacts on their future careers.

Each kit features three elements:

  • An mBot NEO robot that students can build, alter, and program to move, complete tasks, and make decisions on its own using its own artificial intelligence.
  • An AIEDU developed workbook with lesson plans that explore the impacts of AI & robotics on jobs and society. (Please note that teachers should make photo copies of the workbook to use with a full class of students; we can also provide the original pdf for printing)
  • A personal card from a tech professional discussing how they were inspired to get into STEM.

The kit and workbook are geared toward grades 8-12.