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Midterm Exam Schedule - Additional Information

Dear Students and Parents,

We have received a few questions/concerns from students and parents regarding semester final or year-long midterm exams scheduled for next week as a result of the information shared prior to winter recess.  In an effort to clarify our rationale for these assessments and help lower the anxiety of our students, we want to provide additional detailed information about the exams and the schedule next week.  

First, NAHS surveyed several Ohio Capital Conference school districts and found that it was split among those school districts that were continuing with exams versus those that decided to cancel.  Of the schools that were continuing with exams, several decided to make modifications to their typical midterm/finals schedule just like us.

Second, conversations at the beginning of December about the pros and cons of our midterm/final exam schedule were held among the high school administration, building leadership team, and our teachers.  We worked to find the appropriate balance between providing a culminating activity while not having a high stakes exam.  We believe that it is valuable to use our midterm/final exams to measure student understanding and provide a basis for our teachers to determine accurate next steps for classroom instruction for year-long courses.  It was acknowledged that extensive modifications will have to be made from previous midterm exams and that teachers could utilize other forms of activities such as presentations, projects, etc., in place of an exam like they have in the past based upon their courses.

Third, our high school VLP students are required to take end of course exams at the conclusion of the first semester based upon their learning platform.  VLP students make up approximately 24% of our student body.  In order to be fair and equitable, we wanted to have a meaningful activity at the mid-point/end of all of our high school courses.

Our exam schedule has been created to maximize instructional time while allowing for a meaningful, culminating experience and also acknowledging the unique social emotional needs of our students during this difficult school year.  We have divided midterms into even and odd days based on our hybrid model for next week. This allows for shorter but comprehensive exams and study days between exams for both maroon and gold groups.  Teachers will be working throughout the week to make sure all students are prepared.

Maroon Students

  • January 12th - Even Period Exams
  • January 14th - Odd Period Exams

Gold Students

  • January 13th - Even Period Exams
  • January 15th - Odd Period Exams

Make-up Exams

  • January 19th - Maroon Students (If Hybrid Schedule)
  • January 20th - Gold Students (If Hybrid Schedule)
  • January 19th - All Students (If All-in Schedule)

Exam Schedule Summary Expectations

  • Students will attend their entire seven period day by their designated group.
  • Midterm exams are taken during the specific periods in the schedule.
  • Midterm exams account for 10% of the year long grade or 20% of the semester grade.
  • Teachers will modify exams to the 47 minute class period.
  • Teachers have the flexibility to offer written exams or other culminating assessments such as projects, presentations, etc based upon the course.
  • Make-up exams should be arranged between the student and the teacher.
  • Make up exam days will be January 19th (Maroon) and 20th (Gold) if in a hybrid schedule and January 19th if all-in.

Full Midterm Exam Schedule

Thank you,

Mr. Kraemer


 NAHS Midterm Exam