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Madelynn Pace-Chizmar delivers the parent thank you

Maddie Pace Chizmar  “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby, you’ll be.” Robert Munsch’s nursery rhyme perfectly captures a parent’s love for their child: a love that is unconditional. From kissing our boo-boos, to preparing our meals, being the first face we saw after a performance or sporting event, to fixing our hair before a school dance, our parents have been by our side since day one. For eighteen years our needs have been placed before their own, supporting us emotionally and academically. Being moody teenagers, we often fail to show the appreciation our parents deserve, but now is our chance. Today marks a day of gratitude towards the individuals who have raised us, being the reason many of the graduates here will walk across this stage soon. So, to the parents of the class of 2019, thank you.

Thank you for giving the emotional support we needed while forming an identity, primarily in High School. You have been our backbone as we have navigated through finding who we are. You taught us the power of sportsmanship when we lost our first match. You taught us the power of forgiveness when we had our first fight with a friend. And whenever we felt sad, lonely, or confused, you wiped away the tears, gave us a hug, and taught us to hold our heads up high. Your support has shaped us into the individuals we are today, instilling us with values of kindness, generosity, and integrity.

Thank you for continually encouraging our education. Without you, our baggie books would have never been read, our entrepreneur day products never completed, or our sanity never kept during senior seminar. You have driven us to reach our best potential, a feat we could not be more thankful for. When you patiently made us sound out vocab words, listened to us practice class presentations, or quizzed us with our stacks of flashcards, we knew you loved us. When you packed our favorite snacks of teddy grahams and gushers, with leaving a note in our lunchbox, we knew you loved us. And when you rushed us to the store after we told you we had a project due the next day, we knew you loved us, despite the chidings we may have received. In investing your time in our education, you have made us feel loved, valued, and purposeful. We thank you, for all of your efforts have contributed to the valuable education we have gained at New Albany High School.

Parents, we know you’ll miss us, and not just because of the looming loss in tax deductions, but because you have shown your love for us. And likewise, we hope you know how much we love you, even if not always shown. Never question your place in our hearts, for even if we are two hours away or on the other side of the planet, we will always be the little girl or boy you raised, and you will always be our mom or dad. Now, it’s our turn to say: “We’ll love you forever, We’ll like you for always, as long as we’re living, our parents you’ll be.”

Madelynn will attend Capital University in the fall and pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.