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Jonah Fox Offers Words of Wisdom to the Class of 2019

Jonah Fox  Because we’ve had an entire year to enjoy feeling superior to the grades below us, I’d like to remind my fellow seniors that our four-year journey began not with confidence, but with fear. We all remember our first days as freshmen. After a year of beaming at the top of the middle school totem pole, getting knocked back down to the bottom was a harsh run-in with reality. We were made to understand what it was like to feel small, vulnerable, and destined for failure; but even when you put Humanities aside, it was still an intimidating transition. Some of us felt that high school would be a never-ending race with no finish line; in other words, we would never get through it. Well, that was four years ago. And now, as I see four hundred maroon and gold caps and gowns before my eyes, the only thought that comes to mind is this: change is never so difficult that it cannot be managed with a bit of time and some hope. High school does have a finish line; we’re all crossing it today.

I wanted to remind you all of our freshman year because we’re going to see that end of the totem pole again pretty soon. And that won’t just be in college; the world, especially when we think of it as “the world,” is a scary destination for newcomers, but it is, nevertheless, one for which we are destined. That means it’s not something to run from, but to face head-on with the optimism, personality, and creativity of which only New Albany students are capable.

As the Sun sets on our high school careers, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the glow of an uncertain horizon. However, make no mistake: this is an exciting moment for all of us. We are so young; but, on the other hand, we are still young. While we are gathered here for what may be the last time, I’d like to end off with a bit of advice. Our parents miss the days which we are now living, so don’t take them for granted. Have fun. Meet interesting people. Do what you love, and make it your career. Today we cross a finish line, but a new race has already begun. In the words of the great Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” To all of you with whom I’ve had the privilege of spending these past four years, I urge you: Don’t miss it.

Thank you, Class of 2019.

Jonah will attend University College London to study history for his undergrad with a long-term goal to go to law school.