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Congratulations to Our Senior Seminar Finalists

Senior Seminar Students 2019 The Jeffrey C. Stuart Exhibition of Senior Seminar finalists was held on May 20 at the McCoy. 2019 marked the 25th Anniversary of the celebration for Senior Seminar!

Congratulations to Hannah Lewis winning Project of the Year and Zaina Kret for the Project of Excellence.

In addition to Hannah and Zaina, our five finalists out of 390+ projects included; Manasa Akella, Drew Fischer and Sophia Orsinelli. Congratulations to all.

Photo Caption: L-R Drew Fischer, Hannah Lewis, Zaina Kret, Manasa Akella and Sophia Orsinelli. 

79 seniors also received a distinguished honor for their projects.

These are the topics of focus for our finalists.

  • Manasa Akella - Personal Improvement NSLI-Y Taiwan Language Immersion Program
    Participated in a Chinese language immersion program in Taiwan for seven weeks through the National Securities Language Initiative for Youth and researched the topic of linguistics. Ariel Yardeni, Advisor

  • Drew Fischer - Internship - OSU LiFE Sports
    Completed an internship at The Ohio State University as a camp counselor and played nine different sports with underprivileged children in June and July. Dawn Anderson, Advisor

  • Zaina Kret - Finding Humanity in the Syrian Civil War
    Completed a 120-hour internship with the DAAM Organization helping amputees who lost limbs in the war and served on Saint Ephrem Patriarchal Committee distributing supplies to refugees. Essa Fares and Fatat Jadid, Advisors
  • Hannah Lewis - Nellie's Champions for Kids (NC4K)
    Completed and internship at NC4K, an organization for kids with cancer, and learned how to plan fundraisers that are effective and entertaining; used this knowledge to plan the Eagles Tackle Cancer football game fundraiser at New Albany High School. Mandy Powell, Advisor

  • Sophia Orsinelli - Service: My Passion
    Completed service trips, Gospel Road and Blest Week Ever; participated in construction and other volunteer work in Vinton County and downtown Columbus; organized a donation drive that collected 7,448 personal care items for the Joint Organization for inner-city needs. Katy Wyatt, Advisor