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Peace Week - April 29 through May 3

Peace Week Collage Peace Week for New Albany High School is on the way and will feature; Beyond the Chains: fashion for a cause, Student Volunteer Fair, the Peace Games and the NAHS tradition of Lunch on the Lawn.

History of Peace Week
In response to the tragic events at Columbine High School in 1999, each year NAHS students and staff plan activities to promote and celebrate “Peace Week,” as a time to focus on developing positive relationships, leadership, environmental awareness, world peace, community building and our overall commitment to student culture.

Monday - April 29 
Opening Ceremonies & Peace Rally
Beyond the Chains

Tuesday - April 30
Regular seven-period day

Wednesday - May 1
Eagle Period: Make a Difference Student Volunteer Fair

Thursday - May 2
Regular, Thursday Block 

Friday - May 3
Peace Games
Lunch on the Lawn

Volunteer fair Tile