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Science Olympiad Takes First & Second

NAHS Science Olympiad Grandview First Place New Albany High School Science Olympiad teams made history on March 11. In a clean sweep, our teams placed 1 - 2 at the 2017 Grandview Heights Regional Science Olympiad competition. No school in the region has ever claimed the top two slots at Regionals. With one of the lowest totals of 64 our Varsity team was crowned the Regional Champions and our Junior Varsity team was the runners up with 134 points. The third place team was far behind with 174 points.

This is New Albany High School's fourth year in a row winning the Regional Championship trophy.

In all, our students won 37 medals and ribbons. It is particularly gratifying to note that all thirty members on our two teams came home with medals and ribbons, many placing in all the events they competed in.

It was amazing to hear New Albany's name being called repeatedly and watch our students walk up to the stage over and over again to receive their medals and ribbons.

I am grateful to the support of our parents who have stood by me to run events, watch over our students, pick up and drop off materials our students need this season.

This weekend we ran four heavy-duty events (that would have been cancelled if we had not taken them up) and I could not have done it without the help of these amazing individuals: Ganesan Radhakrishnan and Aurel Stan (Experimental Design); Venkataramana Suravarapu, Srinivas Gunturu, Lauren Jurkovic (Game On); Pradip Mistry, Gabriela Popa, Parvathi & Ramana Malakalapalli (Wind Power Division B and C); the entire Lee family (Hovercraft Division B and C) and Todd Wielinski (Mission Possible). I was humbled to see our wonderful 7-year Science Olympiad alumnus Max Yudovich (current OSU senior) graciously agree to run the Forensics event. He is such a role model to our students and yesterday he inspired other high school students as well to continue to support the exploration of all things science even after high school!

I am ever grateful to my husband Ganesh for his unflinching support, for waking up at 1 am to change the printer toner, for sacrificing all work space in his office (and most of the house) for my stacks and piles of Science Olympiad stuff...

I bow to our MS and HS Science Department for constantly and continuously motivating our students. Our teams' success is a reflection of the top quality learning that happens in our classrooms. The victory of our HS team members is the legacy of the hard work and motivation of MS Coach Kirsten Jaster, who planted the seeds of scientific inquiry and nurtured them for three years on the MS teams.

Huge thanks to Greta Manning, Mary Cook, and Stacey Raymond for taking time this week to help me at short notice to put together all the equipment and materials needed to successfully run the Forensics event. Thanks to Athletic Director Richie Wildenhaus for helping us secure gym space for our flight teams.I am forever indebted to the amazing Beth Johnston for making it possible in the shortest time for us to order materials for our construction events and get all forms squared away.

I thank the District and HS administrative team for their support and for recognizing our teams at every opportunity.

Our next and final competition this year will be the State Science Olympiad on April 1, 2017. Although our teams placed 1 -2, only one team (varsity) from each school qualifies to participate in the State tournament.

I look forward to sharing their continued success in April.

Sudha Ganesan
NAHS Science Olympiad Coach