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Your Child and Healthy Relationships - Begins March 9 at 7 p.m.

New Albany - Plain Local Schools has partnered with nine additional school districts, Ohio Health SARNCO (Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio) and The Center for Family Safety and Healing for a six-seminar series for parents exploring critical aspects of relationships, offering guidance from experts on how to support and discuss complex but essential topics with your child.    

Schedule: Each session will begin at 7 p.m. Click here to access the livestream. 

  • March 9th
    • Topic: Boundaries 101
    • How do we set appropriate boundaries for our children’s safety and wellbeing?  How do we empower our young people to identify appropriate boundaries for themselves? In this session, we will explore boundary-setting and identify strategies for caregivers to support healthy boundaries for their children and teens.
    • Speaker(s): The Center for Family Safety and Healing

  • March 23rd
    • Topic: Building Communities of Consent & Mutuality
    • Consent is a simple and powerful tool for building respect and mutuality in all relationships and communities. This session will look at consent within a family, between friends, and in communities. It will also touch on how consent is the positive core of intimacy and body autonomy.
    • Speaker(s): SARNCO

  • April 6th
    • Topic: Exploring Social Media and Online Relationships
    • How do we foster social media literacy and online safety? This session provides dialog, tips, and resources related to this important topic. It looks at the knowledge and skills we can develop within ourselves and our children to best navigate the complexities and challenges of relationships in the online world.
    • Speaker(s): SARNCO

  • April 20th
    • Topic: The Foundation of Healthy Masculinity
    • This session will touch on how unhealthy masculinity negatively impacts boys and men and will also touch on how an estimated 1/6 men are impacted themselves by sexual violence. It will discuss how it’s a minority of men who cause harm but how the current culture makes it truly difficult to speak up. It focuses on how men and dads can model healthy masculinity and encourage discussion on the challenges, frustrations, and joys of identifying as male while leaning into healthy masculinity and masculine leadership in our modern society.
    • Speaker(s): SARNCO, OHMAN, OHDVN

  • May 4th
    • Topic: Teen Dating 101
    • It can be awkward to talk about dating, but teens need adults to start the conversation. This session will cover the dynamics of teen dating to help adults learn how to appropriately communicate with teens, empower teens to make healthy relationship choices, and provide local and national resources for youth.
    • Speaker(s): The Center for Family Safety and Healing

  • May 25th
    • Topic: Bystander Intervention & Safe Communities
    • Healthy, safe communities start with each of us committing to the welfare of all community members. This session teaches ways in which we can stand up for others to help to de-escalate potential acts of violence and how we might model and discuss this with children. It focuses on how being an active bystander can help prevent violence and develop leadership skills by showing a willingness to step up and help someone in their time of need.
    • Speaker(s): SARNCO


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