College Credit Plus
  • College Credit Plus is a program that gives high school/middle school students in grades 7–12 an opportunity to be enrolled in both high/middle school and college coursework at the same time. Students must qualify academically and the tuition will be paid by New Albany-Plain Local Schools. 

    For the student who is eligible for College Credit Plus, he/she must be academically ready for college-level courses and be willing to follow the procedures outlined by the university while still in high/middle school.  

CCP Advantages

  • Students will enjoy the following benefits:

    • Students may earn (transcripted) college credit and high school credit upon successful completion of the course

    • Accelerate the achievement of educational goals

    • Eliminate duplication of high school and college course content

    • Increase the rigor and challenge of course offerings while in high school



CCP Overview

CCP Disadvantages

  • Potential Risks and Consequences

    • Increased responsibility for learning

    • Reduced opportunities for participation in high school activities

    • Affects GPA (high school and college)

    • Increased time for travel

    • Potential scheduling conflicts between high school and college courses

    • Potential Athletic Eligibility issues - must be scheduled for five credits per semester

    • Increase potential for social discomfort

    • Reduced parent involvement, due to FERPA restrictions

Step 1- CCP Eligibility

  • A. Watch the College Credit Plus Parent and Student Information Session 

    B: Follow up with an Individual CCP Counseling Session

    March 2023 - May 2023

    Upon request, use the online appointment link:

    Any student considering taking CCP courses at OSU, CSCC, or other local colleges must schedule a required counseling session with their school counselor to discuss goals, pros/cons, policies, and opportunities. To be prepared for this appointment, students and their guardians/parents must view the CCP Annual Information Session.  Thank you!

    C. Complete the Intent to Participate form by April 1 each spring. (Students & Parents click below to complete)

    form link





Ready to start the application process for CCP?

      Step 3 - Course Registration

      • Now that you have applied, what are the next steps?

        1. Upon acceptance, follow the registration procedures outlined by the college.  This may include placement testing, orientation, registration appointments,   etc.  You MUST check your college email for important updates!

        2. Alert the school counselor of your intentions to enroll in a CCP course by completing the Confirmation of Acceptance & Course Registration form.

        3. Before purchasing books, review the CCP Textbook Policy to avoid being charged for texts.

        4. Be aware of drop/add deadlines.

        5. Utlilize campus resources and professor's office hours to do your best in your classes.

        6. Return all college textbooks to NAHS at the end of the course (no need to return electronic textbooks).  Families will be charged for any texts not returned.