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Marine Biology Students Get a Real-World Experience in Andros Island

The Marine Biology class returned from Forfar Field Station very late Saturday night with all students intact lead by Ali Laughbaum, Greg Flecher, Chad Schwinnen and Greta Manning.

Zero air-conditioning, One ocean, 2 shark sightings, 2 freshwater blue holes, 3 boat days, 4 primitive settlements, 5 marine blue holes, 6 sting ray sightings, 7 different reefs, 105 written species accounts, 126 written field logs, 100's of different marine species and too many insect bites to count! Priceless.

More about about the trip may be found - Forfar Field Station on Andros Island run by IFS


Student Group at Andros Island


Student group 2 at Andros Island


High School Science Teachers at Andros Island