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Volunteer & Visitor Policy

Welcome Visitors

New Albany – Plain Local Schools welcomes visitors to our campus for a variety of events and activities. Whether you are visiting for athletics, music performances or academic competitions we look forward to greeting you and hope to provide some direction as to the best locations to park when on campus. 

For visitors to our tennis courts and Eagle Stadium there is a lot located behind our Middle School Gymnasium with immediate access to these areas and it is available for all visitors during non-school hours. To access this parking lot visitors should use Kardules Fields Way accessible from Route 605/N. High St. Again, after school hours, this lot and many of our campus lots may be used for parking for any school-related activities.

Enhanced signage is installed throughout campus to direct students, parents/guardians, visitors and staff. Please respect all posted signage.

Volunteer & Visitor Policy

The New Albany - Plain Local School District remains committed to the safety and security of our students, staff and learning environments. To ensure everyone’s safety, we continue to partner with our local law enforcement, fire fighters, and other first responders to make necessary improvements.

Over the last few years, our enhancements have included:

  • Reconstructed school building entrances at our buildings to install new entry ways and door lock mechanisms to increase main entry security at our schools
  • Additional training for staff on police-endorsed safety and security protocols
  • Practice fire and lock down drills
  • Text messaging alerts for parents and guardians
  • Updated volunteer and visitor policies via action by our Board of Education.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the safest learning environment possible for all students, staff and visitors to our school campus buildings and events.

All visitors to our school district are required to produce valid photo identification upon arrival. Valid photo identification may include a driver’s license, State identification card, or passport. School district office personnel have been directed to require valid photo identification effective immediately.

Photo identification will be used by school district personnel to issue a visitor pass that includes a current photo. This visitor badge will be produced via our Badge Pass check-in system that includes added security features. School personnel will continue to ask each visitor for the purpose of their visit and will record his/her destination and contact information. Simultaneously, each visitor’s photo identification will be scanned or swiped into the software system to verify whether the visitor is permitted on our school campus and is not a registered sex offender in the national database. Once verified, a photo visitor badge will be issued to the visitor.

The first time a visitor checks in using our system may require a few extra minutes, but future visits will be expedited more quickly. We thank all school district visitors of any type for taking a little extra time as to increase student and staff safety.  

We greatly appreciate the support and are thankful for the numerous volunteers in the New Albany – Plain Local Schools. Volunteers provide a natural extension to the classroom and our learning environment on a daily basis. In an effort to increase safety and security protocols, the Board of Education has revised its policy for volunteers in our school district.

Grades Preschool - 6
Given the nature of volunteer work in grades Preschool - 6 and the unpredictability that a volunteer working in these grade levels may not always be directly supervised while working with children, all Preschool - 6 volunteers are required to participate in a background check to volunteer in our elementary schools. The district has worked diligently with our dedicated volunteers to ensure an easy transition in obtaining a valid background check to ensure the safety of our students. 

Grades 7-12 
Volunteering at the middle school and high school levels may occur less frequently and will be required for any volunteer who will be working with students unsupervised. Current examples include but are not limited to overnight field trips, working with a group of students in a private home for a school sanctioned club or activity, or serving as a volunteer coach. Anyone working with students in Grades 7-12 who may be unsupervised by a district employee are required to participate in a background check.

Where and how will background checks be completed when required? 

A background check will be performed by our partner SecureVolunteer. The process to obtain a background check is now entirely online and costs $19.46. The background check shall remain valid for five years like all other district employees.

Click here to begin the background check process. 

Please call 614-855-2040 with any questions related to background checks in the New Albany-Plain Local Schools.