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Important School Transportation Updates for 2024-25 School Year

  • Students continue to enroll for the school year. This may cause changes to some bus routes. We will notify families if changes might occur so you can check PowerSchool for any updated transportation information if eligible for school transportation once released.

  • Please arrive at your bus stop safety spot at least 5 minutes prior to your assigned pickup time.

  • When a high school student purchases a parking pass, the student assigned the parking pass will not be eligible for school transportation. PowerSchool will be updated when parking passes are issued.

  • As with the start of each new school year, school bus routes, bus numbers, pick-up and drop-off times remain subject to change based upon student ridership. Please anticipate that it normally takes 2-4 school weeks for daily bus routes to adjust. Thank you in advance for your patience and for checking PowerSchool for updates when released.


Transporting children is a shared responsibility between home and school. The district is responsible for children once they have boarded the bus. Families are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children to and from the designated stop as well as while they are waiting for school transportation.

The district also asks the parents to reinforce with their children the importance of obeying the bus rules. Such rules ensure the safety and welfare of all riders. If a child repeatedly violates these rules, thus jeopardizing everyone's safety, the student may ultimately be denied the privilege of riding the bus. Thus, parents support for behaving appropriately in transit is essential.

If you have any problem or concern related to the bus, you are encouraged to write the driver a note or to phone (614) 855-2033 to reach the bus garage. Please try not to interrupt the bus schedule by talking directly with the driver while he or she is on the route.

Important Information for Families

Picture of bus with students boarding

The My Ride K-12 web and mobile app for Apple® and Android® devices can help ensure that your students never miss the bus again. This portal allows parents and students to access their own secure data for bus stop location, route, and pickup time. When your district’s buses are equipped with GPS hardware such as Telematic GPS, My Ride K-12 can use GPS geolocation to let users know when to expect their bus each day. This drastically reduces the number of calls placed to the transportation department by parents and guardians. 

What Families Need to Know

  • In order to add your student(s) you will need to know their PowerSchool ID number. This can be found by logging into your Parent PowerSchool Portal. 

  • Your student’s bus arrival time will change in the app based on the GPS location of the bus. If the bus experiences delays for any reason, that arrival time will adjust accordingly. 

  • The transportation department will use the app to send notifications about any delays or other important information. It is necessary for parents to “allow” for notifications and to keep the app open to receive notifications. If a parent has not opened the My Ride app in 60 days, it automatically logs them out and push notifications will not occur.

  • Parents/Guardians have the option to “share” their student bus information with other family members, babysitters so they too can be notified of bus arrival time. 

Review the parent user guide for detailed instructions on how to access the mobile application or website. 

For more information or if you need assistance, please contact the NAPLS transportation department at 614-855-2033 or or lycans.1@napls.

Request Transportation to Non-NAPLS Schools

Contact Us

Transportation Complex

10160 Johnstown Road
New Albany, OH 43054
Phone: 614-855-2033
Fax: 614-855-4030

Office Staff

Linda Honaker*, Coordinator
Sabrina Lycans, Secretary
Paul Helman, Mechanic
Joe Bowles, Mechanic

*To ensure a timely response, please send same email to Honaker and Lycans.

NAPLS School Bus

Did You Know?

There are currently 45 school buses, seven vans and three SUV's in the fleet.

There are 37 full-time drivers, five Route Specialists, and four Route Drivers.

The fleet covers 24 Grade 8-12 routes, 25 Grade 4-7 routes, 17 Grade 1-3 routes, six Grade PK-K routes.

There are 12 other maintenance/ transportation vehicles that the transportation department maintains.

There are two mechanics that currently maintain and service our entire fleet.

Bus drivers receive mandatory in-services every year and get re-certified every six years.

Bus driver certification includes a four-part written test, physical exam, federal and state background check, driver abstract (the driver abstract is monitored nightly through the state of Ohio), 15 hours classroom training, 30 to 40 hours of on-the-bus instruction, and a two-part driving test.

Example of My ride K-12 mobile app

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