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Parent Resources & Tools

  • Prevention Action Alliance

    Prevention Action Alliance, formerly Drug Free Action Alliance, is a certified prevention agency that has been leading the way in promoting healthy lives through the prevention of substance misuse and fostering mental health wellness for 30 years.



    Parents Who Host Lose the Most: Don’t Be a Party to Teenage Drinking educates parents about the health and safety risks of providing alcohol to teenagers and increases awareness of and compliance with underage drinking laws. 


    Know! gives the parents and caregivers of middle school-age kids the education, strategies, and empowerment they need to raise children who are healthy as well as alcohol, tobacco, and drug free. 



    BUZZKILL helps colleges educate their students about their responsibility when hosting parties and the consequences that occur when underage students are provided alcohol.



    Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network

    The OYLPN is a network of youth-led substance misuse prevention providers and youth across the state who are committed to the cornerstones of youth-led prevention, peer prevention, positive youth development, and community service. 

    Statewide Prevention Coalition Association

    SPCA brings together substance misuse prevention organizations, coalitions, and professionals from across the state to network, share resources, and best practices, and collaborate to make Ohio a safer, healthier place.

    The G.A.P. Network

    Tens of thousands of Ohio families have faced the challenges of substance misuse. Thousands more have suffered devastating losses because of it. Many have decided to turn their grief into action and turn to The G.A.P. Network for guidance and support.

    Ohio College Initiative to Enhance Student Wellness

    The goal of the Ohio College Initiative to Enhance Student Wellness has been to reduce high-risk drinking and substance misuse through campus and community collaborations and the implementation of strategies to promote healthier campus environments.

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    Topics include:

    • Teen relationships and dating
    • Alcohol & drug abuse/use
    • Improving your mental health & wellness
    • Social media & impact on teens
    • Parents who host, lose the most
    • Bullying prevention
    • Sexting
    • Your parenting style