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How You Can Help

*Note: 100% of all contributions are in support of well-being initiatives.

Contribute Financially - a well-being fund has been established at the New Albany Community Foundation that supports our vision to ensure each student possesses a strong sense of well-being, please consider contributing. You can contact Craig Mohre at or 614-939-8150.

  • Get Involved – learn more about our:
    • Community leadership and advisory team. Contact Jon Hood at or 614-413-7109.
  • Help Us Maximize Parent Involvement – share ideas or speaker suggestions that will attract the greatest number of parents. Contact Jon Hood at or 614-413-7109.
  • Menu of Ways to Invest in Our Kids and in Our Community
    • Fund or help fund specific programs for:
      • Suicide prevention
      • Drug, alcohol and tobacco education/prevention
      • Bullying prevention
      • Maximizing girl's self-esteem
    • Parent education programs
    • Parent education speakers
    • Increased programing for grades 1 through 6
    • Funding for grant writing
    • Funding for future community speakers like Mariel Hemingway, Patrick Kennedy, Elizabeth Vargas and Glenn Close
    • Contribute in general to the New Albany Community Foundation Well-Being Fund