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Primary Students

May 2024 Visit with Josh Funk at New Albany Primary 

Josh Funk writes silly stories and somehow tricks people into publishing them as books - such as the Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast series (including The Case of the Stinky Stench and Mission Defrostable), the How to Code with Pearl and Pascal series, the It's Not a Fairy Tale series, Lost in the Library: A Story of Patience and Fortitude (in conjunction with the New York Public Library), Dear Dragon, Albie Newton, Pirasaurs!, and more coming soon!​ Since the fall of 2015, Josh has visited (or virtually visited) over 300 schools, classrooms, and libraries. Josh is a board member of The Writers' Loft in Sherborn, MA and was the co-coordinator of the 2016 and 2017 New England Regional SCBWI Conferences. Josh grew up in New England and studied Computer Science in school. Today, he still lives in New England and when not writing Java code or Python scripts, he drinks Java coffee and writes manuscripts.

Learn more about his current and forthcoming titles at

Special thanks to our sponsors for supporting our Josh Funk visit: The New Albany Community Foundation, NAWN, and the Primary PTO.