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Meet The Staff

Phone: 614-413-8714

Mrs. Kirsten Klink
K-12 Librarian

Welcome to the New Albany-Plain Local Schools Libraries! My name is Mrs. Klink and I am the K-12 Librarian.  I began my career in New Albany in 1999 teaching first grade. After four years in the classroom, I transitioned to the K-1 librarian position in 2003.  I spent eleven years at the K-1 sharing my love of literature with the students and staff on a daily basis before transitioning to the role of District Librarian.  I think back to my time in elementary school and recall some of my fondest memories took place curling up in the stacks of my elementary library.  I discovered so many wonderful treasures with the help of my school librarian and I am so fortunate to continue this valuable role with our young learners.  

Early Learning Center
Mrs. Karsies

Primary School
Mrs. Gustafson

Intermediate School
Mrs. Lewis

Middle / High School
Mrs. Kellett