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Teacher Resources

  • Anti-Plagiarism Strategies

    This site is based on the book, "The Plagiarism Handbook" by Robert A. Harris. Discusses strategies for teacher awareness, prevention, and detection of plagiarism. Includes several online links.

  • Discovery Channel Lesson Plans

    This site provides innovative teaching materials for teachers in all disciplines in grades 9-12.

  • Educator's Reference Desk

    This site provides access to over 2000 lesson plans, a question archive of over 200 responses to popular questions about educational practice and theory, and the abiltiy to search GEM/ERIC.

  • eSchool News

    A free service that offers news on how schools integrate technology into the learning process and how schools are using technology in the classroom as well as offering ways of funding technology in schools.

  • Ohio's Learning Standards

    Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education, information regarding academic content standards, district alignment tools, and professional resources relevant to your discipline can be found.