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Gifted Services at NAPLS

Our school district understands that a differentiated curriculum is the best way to meet the day-to-day needs of our students. Cluster grouping and differentiated instruction provide developmentally appropriate material for gifted children, giving them the optimum opportunity to learn and to grow. The classroom teacher provides many challenging and stimulating activities every day that directly address the gifted child’s academic needs. Teachers may use some of these teaching strategies to meet the needs of the high achieving learners in the classroom:

  • Curriculum compacting
  • Tiered assignments
  • Learning centers
  • Questioning techniques

The Gifted Intervention Specialist is a teacher who has specialized training in gifted and talented education. The roles of the Gifted Intervention Specialist are many and varied, and may include working with identified gifted students and some non-identified high achieving students, collaboration with classroom teachers to plan differentiation strategies, and curriculum modification. The primary role of the Gifted Intervention Specialist is to work “behind the scenes” to assist the classroom teacher in creating modified learning opportunities that enhance and enrich various lessons and topics, and are designed to challenge the high achieving student.

In addition, there are many gifted children who are performing at very high levels and are in need of specialized services. These services, provided by the Gifted Intervention Specialist, may be seminars, workshops, independent studies, acceleration, or discussion groups, for example. Services vary by grade level, and specific gifted identifications may be necessary for participation.