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Language Assistance Plan

Notice to LEP Parents of Free Language Assistance 

The NAPLS District will provide notice of the availability of free language assistance on the District’s website. A notice will be placed on the homepage of the District’s website and on the English learner page.

The District website has a translation feature that will allow users to translate the notice into multiple languages.

Translated copies of the notice will be posted at the district enrollment center, school buildings, and at the administrative offices.

Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, translated copies of the notice will be placed in the student / parent handbooks that are made available to all parents and students. The notice will be translated into the district's top three languages.

Eligibility for Assistance
A parent or guardian will be eligible to receive free language assistance if there is limited English proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and / or comprehending English.

No Special Verification Needed
The District will accept a parent’s assertion that language assistance is needed without requiring additional corroboration.

Identification of Parents in Need of Language Assistance-required field
Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, the District will enable the “language of preferred communication” field in PowerSchool to be editable during the beginning of year forms update process to identify parents needing language assistance in their school communication. Each parent can select their preferred language of communication. All new enrollees to the District will answer this question, in the Home Language Survey section of the enrollment form.

If the District administration or staff becomes aware of a family who has been missed, who is in need of language assistance, steps should be taken to determine if the preferred language of communication should be updated.

Reports and Logs Regarding Services to LEP Parents
In the 2022-2023 school year, the New Albany Plain Local Schools Communication Coordinator and the EL District Coordinator will generate a report that is tabbed with families at each grade level who have a preferred communication language other than English. An additional document was created and will be maintained by the EL District Coordinator to track families who have requested interpreter support over the last 4 school years, including both EL and non EL families.

Making Staff Aware of LEP Parents and Language Assistance Services
The NAPLS staff will be able to access information about a parent or guardian's need for language assistance services through the PowerSchool icon. Additionally, a separate communication will be sent annually to inform each teacher and building administrator of the language assistance needs within their class/classes or school. Any questions about family language assistance needs can be directed to the EL District Coordinator or the EL Teacher assigned to that building.

In the 2022-2023 school year, a new icon was added to each student’s PowerSchool profile to identify the preferred language of communication for any family who has selected a language other than English.

Process for Securing Translators and Interpreters
Staff assigned to each district building will be reminded annually that they can contact the EL Department, the EL Coordinator or EL teacher to schedule interpreter services for parent-teacher conferences, orientations, IEP meetings, disciplinary hearings, or other meetings, as needed. 

District Translators and Interpreters
Those who serve as interpreter and translators are expected to maintain ethics and confidentiality. When scheduling Translators and interpreters obtained from outside vendors, the District will seek those trained in terms, concepts, vocabulary, phraseology, or educational terminology and will remind vendors to be mindful of the level of understanding of the parent and simplify language used, as needed.

District Controls the Provision of Interpreters
Staff will inform parents requiring language assistance that the District will provide free interpreting or translation services. The use of minor children within a family, other family members, or friends for interpreting may raise issues of competency, privacy, conflict of interest or accuracy of interpretations. The District may still may need to provide language assistance even in circumstances where parents have chosen to bring their own interpreter.

Identification and Translation of Written Documents
The District currently is in the process of translating documents into the most represented EL languages other than English:

  1. NAPLS Language Assistance Plan

  2. Annual Notification of Services for English Learners

  3. The Consent Form for English Learner Services

  4. School generated messages for cancellations, lunch balance reminders and absences.

The District is committed to continue translating additional documents or portions of documents that are vital in the most represented languages.