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Family Engagement Plan


Goal - To partner with families to build skills and knowledge to enable them to effectively support their child’s academic achievement and be active participants in the child’s educational journey. 

Goal - To support families in their awareness of community resources and participation in the enrichment and engagement of the New Albany community.

Contact - Tracy Quillin, New Albany EL District Coordinator, 614-741-0327

The New Albany Plain Local School District receives Title III funds to further the education of English learners. In order to engage families, the school has developed a written Family Engagement Plan (FEP). The plan establishes how the school will implement a number of specific family engagement activities.

The New Albany Plain Local School District will engage parents and guardians of English learners in their feedback about the FEP in an annual survey, so that ongoing review and improvement can be evaluated. To the extent practicable, this will be made available in a language and format understandable to families. 

Family Engagement means the participation of parents in regular, 2 way and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities and ensuring that families play an integral role and are encouraged to be actively involved and feel welcome.

Communication - The NAPLS English learners department will take the following actions to provide parents of English learners with timely information about the EL program through a combination of translated emails, Blackboard communication, translated EL documents, face to face meetings with the use of translation software, interpreters, or school support staff. 

Use of Title III Funds to Support Family Engagement - A portion of these funds will be used to support family events.

Coordination of Services  - Tracy Quillin, New Albany EL District Coordination will coordinate the family engagement plan, the events, and be a liaison to the community. She will connect parents to community services, supports and activities including the New Albany Food Pantry, Healthy New Albany, the New Albany Library, Health Providers/Federally qualified Health Centers, Counseling Services, New Albany Parks and Recreation, The New Albany arts, and other community services.

Engaging Families - The New Albany EL department will build the families capacity for strong family engagement of EL parents and to support a partnership among the school and the community to improve student achievement. Technology, literacy training, and family engagement. Assistance will be provided to parents to understand the following:

*The state’s ELP standards (available in translated languages)
*The OELPA test and state assessments
*Monitoring their child’s grades on PowerSchool.
*Work with the child’s teacher to help improve the achievement of their child.
*Parent participation in curriculum night with bilingual staff, interpreters, and translated documents as much as is practical.

Training on Family Communication - The communications and EL departments will offer training to teachers, administrators, and staff on Blackboard communication, Google Translate features for communication and slides, best practices for working with EL families and students, reminders that the EL department can schedule interpreter appointments, guidelines for using an interpreter, and ideas for translation.

Planned Events

*The EL Open House in August (beginning in the 2023-2024 school year)
*The Fall EL and Technology support open house.
*The EL Multicultural Family Night with food, performances, and community supports
*The Year End ice cream and popsicle and summer resource event