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Enrollment Requirement Checklist

A detailed list of requirements needed to enroll in New Albany - Plain Local Schools. (Please note: Original documents must be presented and a copy must be provided to the school for the student's file)

NAPLS Oath of Residency

This form is required to be completed if you are residing with relatives or friends who own property within the New Albany-Plain Local School District.

This does not apply to leases. If the property is being leased, all occupants (including children) must be listed on the lease. 

Application for Enrollment Based on the Purchase of a House or Completion of Building a House Form

This application is for Non-Resident families who will be moving into the New Albany - Plain Local School District. Student families building or buying a home in the district who are waiting for possession and are non-residents will have ninety (90) calendar days from the date of enrollment to establish residency in the New Albany - Plain Local School District. 

Students Residing with a Legal Guardian Form

This form is required if your student resides with a legal guardian. Court documentation is required to be submitted with this form.

Custody Statement Form
Custody Pending Form

This form should be used to notify the school district that custody proceedings have begun. Ohio law allows a parent/guardian the ability to enroll a student for up to sixty (60) calendar days, tuition free, with a copy of the legal documentation that custody proceedings have been started.

School Request for Confidential Pupil Records

This form authorizes New Albany-Plain Local Schools to request your student's pupil records from their previously attended school.

Emergency Medical Authorization Form

This form enables parents and guardians to authorize the provision of emergency treatment for children who become ill or injured while under school authority, when parents or guardians cannot be reached.

Transcript Release Form for New Albany High School

This form grants New Albany High School permission to send your student's high school transcript to a different entity including but not limited to Colleges/Universities, Armed Forces, Employers and other programs.

Student Withdrawal Notice Form

This form must be completed in order to withdrawal a student from New Albany - Plain Local Schools.

Change of Address Request Form

Please fill out the change of address form along with supporting documentation:

Items needed to complete a change of address:

1. Change of address form:  fill out the change of address form

2.  Proof of Residency 1:  Current Mortgage statement (dated past 30 days) and/or deed OR Lease (all pages, all terms, all occupants listed including children, landlord/tenant signatures) 

3.  Proof of Residency 2:  Current gas or electric bill (dated last 30 days; must include service address) If you just moved in, please login to your gas or electric account and take a screenshot of the following: your name, new address and start date or service or next bill due date. 

Once you have all documents, please email the district registrar at  You will receive a confirmation email once processed.  Questions: email or call 614-413-7134