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Enroll at New Albany Plain Local Schools

IMPORTANT! Please have all supporting documents ready to upload before you begin the online enrollment process. Enrollment applications that are incomplete will automatically be deleted 14 days from the start date of the enrollment process.

 Required Enrollment Documents List

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While we are committed to working with families to enroll students in New Albany Plain Local Schools,
we may hold or deny any enrollment application that appears to be fraudulent.

Note for Incoming Kindergarten Families: If your child attended preschool at NAPLS this year (2023-2024) 
you do not need to go though the enrollment process again. It was completed when you enrolled in Preschool.

Kindergarten Registration

To complete the online enrollment process, you will need:

  • Previous school experience information, which includes the name, address and phone number of the last school (including pre-school) that your student has attended.
  • The name and contact number of two emergency contacts (other than parent/guardian(s)).
  • Your student’s detailed health information to be provided confidentially to the school nurse.
  • If applicable, custody information regarding your student (for example, situations involving divorce or grandparent custody).  Supporting documentation can be uploaded during your on-line enrollment process. 
  • Supporting documents for enrollment are uploaded as you complete forms for enrollment. (click here for list)

To begin enrollment choose A, B or C. Then, follow the steps to enroll in New Albany Plain Local Schools.