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Community Message - June 26, 2024

June 26, 2024

Dear New Albany Learning Community:

We continue the process of  actively working to update our Campus Master Plan to identify solutions for current growing capacity needs on our school campus while also preparing for expected future enrollment growth for planned, active or future developments within our school district boundaries. The Cooperative Strategies Studies on current school building capacities and future enrollment growth may be found on our website here.

At our Board of Education meeting Monday, which may be viewed here in its entirety, we discussed updates to the June 10, 2024 Campus Master Plan based upon the continued work of the Board and the administration with the architects from Schorr Architects Inc., Community Design Alliance and Harrison Planning Group. Updates detailed conceptual project changes for economy of scale and cost reductions totaling nearly $12 million dollars.  The most significant changes include the elimination of the expansion at the Early Learning Center to incorporate the additional classroom space in the new school building, reducing the square footage of the Fine Arts Hub via a conceptual design layout for pricing purposes only, and reducing contingency costs based upon our continued work with the architects.  The June 24, 2024 Campus Master Plan illustrating these changes may be found here

During the Board meeting, Superintendent Sawyers shared the following table to summarize proposed projects into potential phases while also proposing funding options.  

Superintendent Sawyers explained at the Board of Education meeting that we must continue to prioritize the proposed projects to address existing capacity needs at our elementary schools today, prepare for future enrollment growth, and invest in some refurbishments to original athletic facilities to best meet the academic and developmental needs of our students.  Further, while aspirational, some projects identified should not be prioritized for funding without a financial partner.

Additionally, during our Board of Education meeting this week, a presentation of our existing debt and expiration timelines were discussed to allow us to evaluate how we may potentially group projects to seek bond support that will minimize the new tax request for all residents of the New Albany-Plain Local Schools on the November, 2024 ballot.  The financial information presented may be found here.  The current analysis assumes project groupings into two phases for completion between 2025-2028 and 2028-2031.  A phased project approach will allow for the restructuring of the District’s current bond debt with scheduled tax roll-offs, including approximately 1.45 community authority mills expiring for tax collection December 31, 2023.  By asking our taxpayers to keep paying the expiring millage, a project investment up to $150 million dollars could occur for a net tax millage increase of approximately .55 mills or an annual cost increase of $19.25 per $100,000 of home valuation ($500,000 home = $96.25 more annually; $750,000 home = $144.38 more annually; $1,000,000 home = $192.50; $1,500,0000 home = $288.75 more annually).

As you review the Campus Master Plan to engage with us, please know that NO final decisions, tax millage amount, designs, or projects are yet confirmed.  The projects and funding options are continuing to be evaluated for more efficiencies and cost reductions.   We invite our community to continue to review this Campus Master Plan and to share input and feedback directly with the Board of Education and the administration. Board of Education member emails and phone numbers may be found here.  

Our next Board of Education meeting will be on Monday, July 8, 2024 in the NAPLS Annex at 5:30 p.m. At our July 8th meeting, we will continue to discuss and refine the Campus Master Plan.  Presently, we anticipate voting upon one or more Resolutions of Necessity to present to the Franklin County Auditor to verify any proposed millage amount for the November, 2024 ballot in accordance with the law.  Any Resolution of Necessity passed will not bind the Board of Education to any ballot action.  

Additional Board of Education meetings in July will be publicly announced to permit the Board of Education to adopt a Resolution to Proceed to file with the Franklin County Board of Elections to place a bond issue on the November, 2024 ballot by the August 7, 2024 filing deadline, if agreed upon by the Board of Education.  We look forward to continuing to engage in discussions with our entire community regarding our work.  

We are stronger together and we are confident that we can and will continue to successfully plan for the needs of our students, families and school district, for today and tomorrow.  Please contact any of us to share your input and feedback.

We will continue to provide updates and information as we plan for the future of our schools.  Go Eagles!


Debra Kalinosky 
Board President

Jennifer Fuller
Board Member

John McClelland
Board Member

Mark Wilson
Board Member

Paul Naumoff
Board Vice President

Michael Sawyers

Rebecca Jenkins

Click image below to access the Campus Master Plan June 24, 2024

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