• technology words

    The use of technology in classrooms is an integral part of learning and teaching in today's world. Effective technology integration is achieved when its use supports curricular goals. Students will experience rich and relevant learning environments when teachers are able to seamlessly incorporate technology into their daily lessons, and teachers will become more efficient by using technology to help them create, communicate, collaborate, and record and analyze data.  

    Effective technology integration:
    • utilizes digital tools ubiquitously to help students achieve the highest academic standards.
    • helps students and teachers communicate, collaborate and think critically about the academic content standards.
    • will allow teachers to create interactive and multimedia-rich learning environments to help address the individual needs of their students.
    • supports creativity and risk-taking to enhance learning and teaching.
    • gives students the knowledge to choose and apply the appropriate digital tools when completing projects that demonstrate mastery of content.
    • requires access to the most current technology tools.
    • requires shared beliefs when it comes to the practical, safe and ethical use of technology.
    • requires ongoing and embedded professional development.