Kindergarten Registration for 2019-2020 School Year

  • Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the All-Day Kindergarten program.

    *Please Note: Kindergarten registration will close April 5, 2019 at 4 p.m. and will reopen on April 15, 2019

    It is with great pleasure that we welcome your child to Kindergarten at New Albany-Plain Local Schools for the 2019-2020 academic year!  We look forward to an educational and enriching Kindergarten year for your child at the New Albany Early Learning Center.

    Your child is eligible to begin Kindergarten at New Albany Schools in the 2019-2020 school year if your child will be five years old on or before August 1, 2019 and meets the residency requirements.

    New Albany-Plain Local Schools will offer a tuition-based, all-day Kindergarten program for 2019-2020. You can find details about the program from ELC Principal, Michelle Unger here.

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    Registration for Kindergarten takes place in two periods:

    Kindergarten Registration Period 1:   February 4, 2019 - April 5, 2019

    • Registration must be received by  April 5, 2019, for your child to participate in the April 11 or 12  Health and Academic Screening.
    • To be eligible to be entered into the lottery for the tuition-based, all-day Kindergarten program, parents/guardians must have all registration requirements completed by  April 5 and submit a lottery form during the April 11 or 12 Health and Academic Screening. (Lottery form will be distributed at your screening appointment)

    Kindergarten Registration Period 2: April 15, 2019 - August 2019

    • Kindergarten Registration will reopen on April 15, 2019 via the District Welcome Center.
    • Students registered on or after April 5, 2019, will be assessed during the first week of school in August.
    • Parents/guardians interested in tuition-based all-day Kindergarten who register on or after April 5, 2019 may be placed on a waiting list to be considered if an opening becomes available. If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list, please contact Ginger Collins at


    To complete the online enrollment process, you will need:

    • Previous school experience information, which includes the name, address and phone number of the last school (including pre-school) that your student has attended.
    • The name and contact number of two emergency contacts (other than parent/guardian(s)).
    • Your student’s detailed health information to be provided confidentially to the school nurse.
    • If applicable, custody information regarding your student (for example, situations involving divorce or grandparent custody).  Supporting documentation will be collected by New Albany-Plain Local Schools later in the enrollment process.

STEP 1 - Self-Verify Your Enrollment Eligibility

  • Verify Enrollment Eligibility

    Self Verification of your Enrollment Eligibility is the first step to enrolling your student in Kindergarten for the 2019-20 school year.

    Parents/Guardians need to verify their child is eligible to be enrolled in New Albany-Plain Local Schools. Please click on the image above to complete the Self-Verification Form. After completing this form, Parents/Guardians will receive an email that contains their responses to the questions on this form and information about the next step in the process.


Step 2 - Apply for Enrollment

  • Apply for Enrollment

    Parents/Guardians will receive an email that contains their responses to the questions asked on the Self-Verification Form. Included in this email is information about the next step in the process: Completing the Application for Enrollment Form. The Application for Enrollment Form can be accessed by clicking on the image above. The school code is listed in the email sent after completion of the Self-Verification Form.

Step 3 - Create a PowerSchool Account

  • Create a PowerSchool Account

    Parents/Guardians will receive an email 15-30 minutes after submitting the Application for Enrollment Form. This email will contain information about creating a PowerSchool account. Parents/Guardians will use this PowerSchool Account to access and complete the required enrollment forms. This PowerSchool account will also be used by Parents/Guardians to access student grades, attendance, transportation, and other information in the future. Click on image above to create your PowerSchool account.

Step 4 - Complete Enrollment Forms

  • Enrollment Forms Link

    Once Parents/Guardians have created their PowerSchool accounts, they will need to login to PowerSchool to complete the required enrollment forms.

Step 5 - Schedule an Appointment for Kindergarten Screening

  • Kindergarten Screening Appointment Link

    Once you complete and submit the online enrollment forms you will receive an email notification directing you to schedule an appointment for April 11 or 12 at the New Albany Early Learning Center, 5101 Swickard Woods Blvd, New Albany;.  Please plan on at least 30 minutes for your appointment and bring the required documents to the appointment. Your child will participate in screening activities during this time.  

    Click here for a printable checklist of district enrollment requirements.

    Please park on the north side of the Early Learning Center (large parking lot).  You will be entering the school at the side Main entrance (signs will be posted).

    • Upon arriving at the  New Albany Early Learning Center, please check in to receive your child’s name tag and file.  Please have your supporting documents ready to be copied by the staff.
      • Gas or electric bill (unpaid/current original)
      • Plus one of the following:
        • Mortgage deed signed or Apartment Lease (list all occupants)
        • Real Estate Tax Statement
        • Voter Registration Card
        • Form #5111 F10 or Form #5111 F2 (see enrollment packet)
      • Original birth certificate with raised seal (or passport)
      • Two proofs of New Albany School District residency
      • Immunization records
      • Custody papers (if applicable) - Entire document is required by state law
      • Parent Identification (Driver’s License or Passport)
    • You will also sign the District Enrollment Requirement Form.  At this point your child will begin the screening process accompanied by a staff member   Your child will visit several stations including:
      • Vision/Hearing Assessment
      • Speech Assessment
      • Fine Motor Assessment (use of scissors, crayons, and pencil to write name)
      • Academic Assessment
    • Your child will rotate to the required stations and when complete a staff member will bring your child to you in the waiting area.  At this point, you will proceed to the “check out” table which will conclude your appointment.
    • Learn more: "What do I need to bring to enroll my child?" and other Frequently Asked Questions.
    • These health screenings are required by Ohio law and they are not used to identify whether or not a child should attend Kindergarten. You can find more information about Kindergarten at the Ohio Department of Education's webpage.