Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Rex

My enthusiasm for working with children began quite a while back and luckily it has carried me through my career and motherhood. While completing my undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University, I worked and studied at the Sophie Rodgers Lab School. During my time there, my eyes were opened to the incredible capabilities of our youngest learners. Students were given opportunities to grow and develop through inquiry and play. With the foundation of my beliefs about children established, I was eager to see how children at the elementary level can learn given similar respect and opportunities. I was fortunate to be placed with an amazing mentor while working on my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Once again I saw how students make incredible growth when careful consideration and planning is given to help meet their academic, social, and emotional needs. After graduating, I wanted to work in a district that would support the type of teaching and learning I had been studying for all those years. Luckily for me, New Albany was just the place!

This will be my 12th year of facilitating a strong classroom community of 2nd grade learners. Over the years, my practice has adjusted to meet the needs of various classes and the school district has implemented different programs. What always remains the same, however, is what I learned during my time at OSU: children are naturally curious, capable people who will accomplish great things when they are given just the right opportunities and support. This year, I will be utilizing powerful children’s literature, our campus nature preserves, Bridges in Mathematics and many other resources to help each of our students continue to happily discover our world.

Luckily for me, when the school day ends my time with children just keeps moving right along. My husband Adam and I are parents to three active boys. My son Ellis is in second grade this year at the Primary School! My sons Owen and Leo are both attending preschool at the Early Learning Center. This summer my family has had a blast swimming in pools, jumping through waves, playing in the Natural Play area at Blendon Woods, enjoying time with extended family, and hanging out with our neighborhood friends. I feel very lucky to be living out my dreams always on the search for how I can make childhood awesome for all the children in my life.

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