Grades 4-5 Breakfast Club at Intermediate School/Grab & Go for Grade 6

  • We will not be able to offer Breakfast Club to elementary students to begin the year. If at some point this school year social distancing is not needed, we will explore returning this service. However, the nature of the program with allowing parents to drop off their children to school early with no registration results in not knowing on any given morning when we will reach capacity with the limits on seating in place this year. Breakfast will still be available for purchase when the school day begins. If you require supervision for your child prior to the school day, the Eagle’s Nest Child Care program offers a morning-only tuition option payable in one-month increments for K-5 students. Eagle’s Nest opens each morning at 6:30 am and includes breakfast. The registration deadline to begin the school year is Monday, August 31. While spaces remain in the program, they are limited, so consider enrolling prior to the deadline if you need the service. For information, visit