News from the Gifted Services Department

  • We are excited to share with you some of the highlights of the Gifted and Talented Intervention Program in the New Albany-Plain Local School District. We believe in growing a vision that provides the best education for each and every student.  The Gifted and Talented Program is a result of the Board of Education’s understanding that students with ability for high achievement require special programming to reach their full potential.

    As a gifted services department, we are excited to be part of reinventing education for our students. We were fortunate to have our Superintendent and Board of Education to decide to bring Dr. Tamara Stambaugh and her team from Vanderbilt University to our district during the 2012-2013 school year to take a look at our K-12 existing programs and provide recommendations to make these services even stronger.

    The suggested focal points included: identification, curriculum, service delivery, data and communications. To respond to those suggestions, we are continuing to focus on the following:

    1. assessing our identification process
    2. reviewing suggested curricular materials and resources
    3. aligning our service delivery with the Ohio Gifted Operating Standards and building capacity within our teachers through classes in educating gifted children and adolescents
    4. analyzing existing data to determine best measures for our gifted population
    5. improving our communications or our gifted services to all our stakeholders.

    Our goal is to make the gifted services information easily accessible to our entire community.  At any point, if you have questions or comments, please contact any gifted services team member.