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School & College Counseling

  • In order to improve service to students and parents in regards to academic, social/emotional, and college/career counseling, New Albany High School is transitioning to four comprehensive college and career school counselors beginning January 2, 2017. Each counselor will be responsible for a group of students in grades 9-12 determined by alphabet. 
    Once implemented this model will:
    • Strengthen student/counselor relationships. With this model, students will have a counselor assigned to guide them through the transition to high school, make course selections each year, and assist with future planning. Counselors will know students better when it comes time to look at colleges by working with them over a four year period. Students will work with one counselor for all their academic and social/emotional needs.

    • Increase Availability. Increase College Center drop-in days from one day to four days each week. There will be immediate availability to students by having a “Counselor of the Day” in the College Center available for drop-ins. 

    • Enhance Professional Development. Professional development opportunities have been developed and shared within department. This summer the counselors will attend The Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions, which is a leading authority on trends and practices in college admissions.

    • Provide a Dedicated Student Space. All of the schools above have a student space with a focus and atmosphere dedicated to research, career exploration, and college topics at any time. All materials are available for students to explore and counseling staff are available for mingling with students. The current College Center will continue to be this designated space. 
     The list of counseling services includes, but is not limited to:
     Comprehensive Counseling Services

    College and Career Center Resources for all students 

    • Comprehensive college, career and counseling services for grades 9-12
    • Strong student-counselor relationships beginning in winter of 8th grade during registration
    • Academic advising in line with student’s college and career goals
    • Opportunities for early college and career exploration for underclassmen
    • Guidance for students in their 9-12 journey from middle school to post secondary plans (more contact throughout process)
    • College Credit Plus counseling
    • Resource Space & Counseling Center Lobby
    • Available to all students during study center & lunch
    • Job notebooks (local part time job opportunities)
    • Military information
    • Current college specific literature
    • ACT/SAT prep guides, dates, brochures
    • Career Forecast literature
    • Student computers for completing applications (college, job, etc)
    • Hospitality space for college admissions representatives