College Credit Plus

  • Composition 1100
    We understand there are many questions about the College Credit Plus program. We hope the following video and frequently asked questions will provide you with answers. Students may take the Compass Test throughout the summer at Columbus State. Information regarding testing at Columbus State can be found on the Testing Center website
    Frequently Asked Questions 
    Do students have to stay for the full three hours for the Compass test window or can they leave when they are finished?

    Students are allowed to leave when they are finished.

    Can we have a schedule of designated times that Columbus State offers Compass testing?

    Columbus State offers testing every day. Here is the link to the Testing Center website. You are able to walk in and take the test when it is convenient for you!

    Will the grade appear in PowerSchool?


    How many times can I take the Compass Test?

    This is discretionary.  It is recommended that they do not take it more than two times a year.

    Will this course count as a weighted grade on my transcript?

    We are awaiting a final determination.  

    Can we have a detailed course description?

    The course description is based on the teacher assigned, and at this point, we do not know the teacher.

    Is there an enrollment minimum to offer the course?

    We are awaiting a final determination to be made by Columbus State.  

    Are there different cut scores for different courses?  If I don’t make the cut for Comp 1100, can I take English 0190, for example...or a course in another department?

    At this point, Comp 1100 is the only course offered.

    On the CSCC application there is not an option to choose NAMS as a location.  Should we select NAHS?