NAHS Service Learning

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    Finding Opportunities, Including Ideas for Virutal and Low-Contact Opportuniites

    2020-2021 Service Learning Overview (Video, 11:40)

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     Service learning is a graduation requirement that requires high school students to volunteer their time and effort to benefit the school and community in a meaningful way. Service learning provides students an invaluable learning experience outside of the the traditional classroom setting. The New Albany-Plain Local Schools Board of Education recognizes the importance of service learning and requires students to complete a minimum of 25 hours of service learning as a graduation requirement. Developing new skills, determining career choices, helping others, learning civic responsibility and strengthening communities are benefits to students participating in service learning. Students also have the chance to develop their personal strengths and self-esteem through their service hours. In addition, there is an increasing trend that scholarship applications, college admissions and even employers are viewing service learning records to determine acceptance into their programs, schools or companies.

    Any service learning hours acquired from the day after the 8th grade year until May of their senior year may be applied to their Service Learning Graduation Requirement.



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